Culture & Nature Tours in Dalarö and on the peninsula of Södertörn in Stockholm south islands

- get to know something new about Swedish history every time

Guided tours by bus & boat

Tornberget (the Tower hill) in Haninge is the highest point in the Stockholm region  - 111 m´s high - and was thus the first part of land that came up in the sea at the end of the Ice Age some 10.000 years ago. In Haninge there are many well preserved landmarks and relics from the Stone and Iron Ages, as well as from the Viking Era.
The German Order was established here in the 13th Century and stayed until the middle of the 16th Century, when the Swedish national state was founded. This region was then the centre of Sweden for at least three centuries. Thousands of soldiers were shipped out from here during the Thirty Years' War in Europé 1618-48. Churches and castles built by kings, noblemen and admirals are still in use.

The village of Dalarö was founded in 1636 as the first Swedish Sea Customs Station. All naval traffic to and from Stockholm has passed Dalarö for 1.000 years. In the sea you nowadays find the best preserved wooden wrecks of sunken warships and merchant vessels in the world. Dalarö was and still is the Southern Gateway to Stockholm and it´s south archipelago. Many wellknown people have passed and visited Dalarö throughout the history.

In Dalarö you certainly find  ancestors to customs and ships pilot officers. The steamboat revolutionized the society in the 19th century. Concepts like holiday, SPA and Swedish punch verandas were in fact invented here. And you will experience how Dalarö has developed from an ancient customs and ships pilot station and an hig-society place in the 19th Century to the  lively archipelago village it is today, where people once again find an alternative to the stressful big city life in Stockholm only 40 km (25 miles) away.

In Haninge you can also find well preserved 10.000 year´s of old Virgin Forest preserved in Tyresta National Park and historic buildings, unique nature reserves with many animals, old time agriculture and the farm dairies. Welcome !.

Halfday tours

Guided culture walking-tour in Dalarö for groups of 10-50 persons. Starting place Dalarö Customs House (Tullhuset), one hour's journey from Stockholm C by car or commuter train/bus 839. The tour takes 3 hours, coffea break included.
Price: SEK 200/person

Fullday tours

Guided historical all day tour in Södertörn peninsula by bus (20-50 persons). We pick you up by bus in the whole Stockholm region. The tour takes 7-8 hours.
Different programx available: history tour, castles and churches, artists and authors, ship wreck tour etc.
Price: about SEK 700/person depending on program, lunch and coffea break included.

Overnight tours

2-days tour. Hotel room included (20-50 persons)
Several alternative programs available. The tour may be combined with Walpurgis night,
the National Day June 6, Midsummer, Autumn or Christmas Market.
Sports activities or Health programs may be added.
All meals included.
Please ask for an offer.

Group travel

For groups of visitors or residents in the Stockholm area and/or conference groups. Available all year around. Suits all ages. You should be able to walk short distances in a slow pace. Dress for outdoor walk in accordance with time of the year.
Language: Swedish, English and German.

Tour operator and booking

Dalarö Tourist Office in coopertaion with hotels, restaurants and event companies and bus- and boat comp
Tel + 46 8 501 508 00 or E-mail