Guest Harbour and Water Events

Dalarö Boat Club aims at making Dalarö the centre for yawl sailing in the peninsula Södertörn, and also that Askfatshamnen (the Ashtray harbour) S.W. of Dalarö will be regarded as a pleasant meeting-place for all people interested in boating. Here there are activities in sailing and water for all ages, such as the Sailing School in summer, adult sailing with coach, wind and kite surfing, canoeing, and also guest harbour, harbour inn, and miniature golf.
   Askfatshamnen is called "solsidan" (sunny side) due to its sunny position in S.W. If you don't believe that Dalarö is now the real water paradise of Sweden, please let this film sequence convince you!


Dalarö guest harbour is in Askfatshamnen -- open May 15th-Sept 15th -- with a little more than 40 boat places. Here you are welcomed on the bridge, and we are anxious about offering you good service, also regarding clean and proper shower rooms, sauna, and lavatories, and also refuse disposal plant. The guest harbour has got highest rating in the Guest Harbour Guide, as well as in our visitors' guide books.
The municipality Haninge has also got a minor guest harbour at the Hotel Bridge and in Fiskarhamnen (the Fisher's harbour) S.E. of Dalarö, with abt. 20 boat places, lavatory, shower room, and environmental plant, together with the latrine emptying plant of Dalarö. 
Please call the guest harbour office +46 8 501 508 00 for more information.

Dalarö Mini Golf is open in the spring Saturday-Sunday-Holidays 12-17 hours, and daily in summer 12-20 hours.
   Here you will also find the popular harbour inn Bistro SOLsidan (Bistro sunny side), open weekends and for parties and catering all the year round. In summer it is open for lunch and dinner


Dalarö Boat Club has got a long tradition with the Sailing School, which has brought up many successful sailors. The club also arranges national and international sailing races. Here you can read about Dalarö Sailing's competition and training activities, and register your children to the summer Sailing school, as well as autumn and spring sailing.
   For adults and families the Company Vind&Vatten (Wind&Water) arranges sailing, also with coach.
   Please call Dalarö Tourist Office for more information on sailing +468501508 00


In the last few years Sandemar Bay has developed into one of Sweden's most popular places for Stand-Up-Paddling, Wind and Kite Surfing.


In Askfatshamnen is found since more than ten years Dalarö Kayak, the greatest kayak enterprice in Stockholm South archipelago for sale, lease, and kayak excursions.