Dalarö provides you with an all- year-round-service

Dalarö is a well preserved and picturesque society founded in 1636, with about 2000 residents the year round, but 15.000 during summertime. Dalarö is an important hub in the Stockholm South Islands and a part of the Haninge municipality. The picture shows Fiskarhamnen (the Fishers harbour) with Lotshuset (the Ships Pilot House), today a wonderful Youth Hostel. And further up the slope you see the magnificent Tullhuset (the Customs house), erected by king Gustav III in 1788 - today the information- and cultural rallying point in Dalarö. Welcome! 

It is easy to get to us in Dalarö, although our village is situated far out in the Stockholm South Islands. And we brag about having the best weather in Stockholm.

To get here you take the commuter train from the Stockholms Central station towards Västerhaninge and Nynäshamn. You change to bus  839 at the  Handen Terminal. Go off at the Schweizer park, if you wish to have a bath on Dalarö Plage, or at Dalarö Torg (the Dalarö Square) or at Hotelbryggan (the Hotel Bridge), if you wish to visit the local shopping area with it´s hotels and restaurants. Or continue with the bus to Smådalarö (small Dalarö i.e., the countryside of the island) where you´ll find an exclusive conference, golf and sports center hotel called  Smådalarö gård. The whole trip from Stockholm C takes you just a little more than an hour.
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With car you drive route 73 towards Nynäshamn and take off to Dalarö on route 227 just after the center of Haninge. See on our map where you can park your car. Please note that it is always crowded during summertime. We therefore recommend to park your car on the parking places in Vadviken or Askfatshamnen.  

Dalarö all-year-round-services

Dalarö Tourist Office, in Tullhuset (the Customs House), Odinsvägen 6A
Informatuion for visitors, museum, arts gallery, and cultural center. 
Tel: +46 8 501 508 00
Open:. Daily 10 am to 4 pm 

"Gas station" on Hotellbryggan (the Hotel bridge)
Gasoline, postal services, game services, fishing accessories, Café
Tel: +46 8 501 512 69
Mon-Friday: 7 am - 8  pm 
Saturday: 8 am - 8 pm 
Sunday: 9 am - 8 pm

ICA (the grocery store) on Dalarö torg (Dalarö Square), Odinsv 22
Food, pharmacy etc. 
Tel: +46 8 501 502 60
Mon-Friday: 9 am - 7  pm 
Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm 
Sunday: 11 am - 4 pm

Handelsbanken Dalarö torg (Dalarö Square)
Bank och ATM
Tel: +46 08 501 529 30
Mon-Wednesday: 9:30 am - 3 pm Thursday: 9:30 am  to 6 pm Friday: 9:30 am -3 pm

Health care centre, Dalarö torg (Dalarö square)
Tel: +46 8 123 418 90 
National emergency service 112
Local  emergency service Handen hospital 
Tel: +46 8 606 12 28

Dalarö Church, Odinsv 5
Built in 1652
Tel: +46 8 501 529 90

Sea rescue Dalarö
+46 705 80 80 15