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Information on Tyresta National Park, Ornö, Kymendö, Utö, Huvudskär, and Gålö

Dalarö Ornö Utö parish, once an independent municipality in Stockholm Southern Archipelago, is now a part of Haninge large town region.

Haninge has got an unthought-of resource of Nature and Culture by means of its large archipelago outside the East coast of Södertörn, together with its National Park less than 30 km from Stockholm City (i.e. TYRESTA NP) -- and abt. 20 Nature Reserves, e.g. Gålö, Sandemar, Fjärdlång, and Huvudskär, and also its many trade marks, e.g. Dalarö, Årsta Castle (known for the German Order in the 13th century and Fredrika Bremer), Kymendö (the author Strindberg's Hemsö), Ornö and Utö, all better known than Haninge town. All this is a capital of nature and culture that will be more and more important for the total economy.

Here will follow information on some of "Haninge Pearls", which we recommend to our visitors.

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ORNÖ - the large Island

Ornö is indeed one of the largest islands in Sweden. You reach it easily by car ferry or Waxholm boat from Dalarö.

The island has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, and has got to-day abt. 300 permanent residents and many more in the summer. The ferry berth is on the West side. The island has got a couple of nature harbours; it has an older character with old farms, and also an other way of life than e.g. the island Utö in the South.

Ornö Church is situated in Kyrkviken (church bay), a classical wooden Church, built in1886. There you will also find the Church yard, the Country house, the old Village school, and Ornö inn.

The island has got a couple of deep lakes, e.g. Stunnträsk, which is the deepest lake in Stockholm region (depth 40 m). Vitträsk has got the freshest water, and is one of many lakes, suitable for bathing.
Ornö has got many good bathing beaches.

Sundby Manor House is well preserved in Caroline style from the 1720's. The ruins of the older building, which was burnt down by the Russians in 1719, are also preserved.

Ornö has a varied nature, and in the woods there are Elks and Roe deer. Many species of bird are also found here, such as Goshawk. Tree lark, Double thrush, Owl, as well as other birds of prey, like Sea eagle, Fish hawk, and Buzzard. In some of the lakes you may be lucky to find Mink or Black-throated diver. There are also 22 different arts of Orchids in the island.

In Ornö there are no camping grounds, but you may camp in all places, where the typical Swedish "Legal right of access to private land" (i.e. Allemansrätten) is valid. You can also ask the house-owners, if it is possible to camp on their grounds.

Welcome to Ornö

KYMENDÖ - Strindberg's Hemsö

A resident from the Viking Age by name Tjugmund may have named the Island. Now there are a little less than 30 persons of three generations on the island, which is owned by ancestors of sea captain Carl-Petter Bloom, who bought Smådalarö Manor House and the whole Dalarö archipelago in 1802. Here the author August Strindberg rented a summer place during the 1870's. His famous novel "Hemsöborna" is filled with characters from Kymendö.

To-day there is a Waxholm boat from Dalarö, and in the summer also from Strömkajen in Stockholm City.

UTÖ - the Holiday Paradise

Utö is an archipelago island with a strange history. Utö got resident population as early as in the middle of the Sixth Century. In difference of other archipelago islands neither fishing nor farming became the main industry. Instead the iron ore was the big source of income. Already in the 12th Century iron ore was extracted from the mines, which belonged to the most important ones in Sweden. Intensive mining was carried on during 700 years. In the 18th Century Russian ravages and devastation caused very much trouble for the mining industry.

In the 19th Century the bathing visitors started their invasion, and they were followed by many well-known artists, poets, authors, and actors, such as Georg and Hanna Pauli, Gustaf Fröding, Kar de Mumma (Erik Zetterström), Evert Taube, and Greta Garbo.

To-day Utö is one of the great holiday paradises in Sweden. You go there by boat from Årsta harbour, or in the summer  from Strömkajen in Stockholm City. 
Welcome to Utö.

HUVUDSKÄR - where Heaven and Sea are united

In March 2015 the decision to make Huvudskär a Nature Reserve gained legal force. The Archipelago Foundation is now managing the whole of Huvudskär, including the Youth Hostel, and goes on to let the flats per week in the Pilot House. A piece of news is that the Waxholm Company from June 16th to August 16th operates Huvudskär from Dalarö via Fjärdlång three times per week.
Welcome to Huvudskär.

GÅLÖ - more than one million visitors every year

Gålö is a peninsula, 10 km´s from Dalarö where you can go by car or bus.

The longest beach in Stockholm region attracts improbably many Stockholmers to Gålö every year, for sea bathing and camping. Another attraction is the "cow release" every spring at Stegsholm Manor House. More than 10.000 people arrive to see the animals coming out in the country.
Welcome to Gålö.