Welcome to Dalarö in the Stockholm South Islands 
- open all year round 

Dalarö Tourist Office welcome all visitors in Stockholm. If you are alreardy in Stockholm, or if you are planning to come here, we can enrich your stay by offering you a one-day, a weekend, or a longer stay in the Stockholm Archipelago. Our goal is to see to that Dalarö keeps it´s unique position since 1636 as Gateway to Stockholm South Islands. 


My name is Lars-Olof (LO) Landin and I am in charge of the Dalarö Tourist Office. We  cooperate with the Haninge Municipality  and with the Stockholm Archipelago. We are a part of a network with hotels, restaurants, boat and bus companies, as well as with other enterprises in sports, health and recreation. Together with the local companies in the island of Dalarö and in the other islands in our region - Kymendö, Ornö, Utö and Gålö - we design tailor-made activities, which will make your stay in our region unforgettable. Our tourist hosts help you to get in contact with the local people, as well as taking part in our local Easter, Midsummer, Autumn and Christmas traditions.

You find us in Tullhuset (the Customs House) in Dalarö.

Address and opening hours for the Tourist Office and Dalarö Museum

Visisting address:
Tullhuset, Odinsvägen 6A in Dalarö
Postal address: 
Dalarö Tourist Office
P.O. Box 55, SE- 137 25 Dalarö 

Opening hours:
Daily10 am - 4 pm
Oct-April closed Mon-,Tues-, Wednesday
Telephone 10 am - 8 pm 

Summeroffice also in the Guestharbour in Askfatshamnen
June - August every day 10 am to 8 pm

You can always reach us on
E-mail: info@dalaro.se 
Telephone: +46 8 501 508 00

Contact us

Give us a note and we will contact you a.s.a.p.